“A humbling reminder of our actual place in Darwin’s Universal Tree of Life. A beautifully written story and great fun to read.”

“An allegory for our time.”

“I gave the text to a young member of the family who said, ‘The best book I’ve ever read’. He loved the characters, the quest – ‘like pirates looking for treasure’ – and found it very funny but it also encouraged him to ask questions about our basic humanity; and he hasn’t stopped!”

“Children will love Hugill’s Message, but this is also a serious book. It is a journey of the soul, a journey in search of what connects us to the planet.”

Hugill’s Message… … is also a brilliant introduction to philosophical thinking, making us question our roots and our position on the Earth. It is a book that should be in every school.”

“In our increasingly material world, Hugill sends a ‘spiritual’ message to us all.”

"This beautifully crafted novel is a wonderful introduction to philosophy and the bigger questions about identity, acceptance and the meaning of life. In fact, there are so many layers it deserves to be read more than once."

Ramón Farrés, Former Managing Director at Industrias Titan, SA (Titanlux)